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Atma Yoga Teacher Training

posted Oct 27, 2011 02:26:19 by Yogaparade
I enjoyed the training imensely and left there with an imporved experience of life that continues. Atma Yoga teacher training offers a fresh and unique course developed from a deep knowledge of ancient history, form, and yogic practices.

It offers small groups, personal attention, and a nice atmosphere. It has an online program (which gives you a lot of flexibility with study hours) along with a 10-day intensive studio program. The teacher trainers do everything to make you feel at home and, at the same time, share a lot of knowledge and techniques that not only help you to become a Yoga teacher, but improve your personal life in many different ways, as well.

The teaching encourages contemplation of our original soul nature and is grounded through understanding our soul's journey into the "virtual reality" of our modern society.

This training will bring you to a higher level of awareness on your spiritual journey regardless of what level you may be at now.

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