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“Once you know, you can’t pretend you don’t know.”

posted Oct 27, 2011 02:19:18 by Yogaparade
This is where ahimsa plays such a huge part in daily life. Whether it be creating a threat to my own body by non-mindfulness or someone making an unreasonable demand on my psyche, time or spirit, the trick is to be able to be gentle to self and others in real time.

Ahimsa includes not allowing people to hurt me as much as it does the converse.

We often allow others to make demands of us that come completely at our expense. Being able to take care of my spirit has a huge impact in all areas of my life.

If I take on other people’s negative energy, it affects me negatively in my body. The same happens if I treat other people with disrespect. My shoulders stay tight and I hunch up. This is not being kind to myself and it never plays out well for those around me.

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