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TT in India- ashrams, prices, etc

posted Oct 27, 2011 02:56:08 by Yogaparade
I opted for Yoga vidya dham in Nasik. Vivekananda Ashram was recommended to me initially, having learnt a bit of yoga from someone who attended the Vivekananda ashram. The focus seems to be heavily on philosophy which is great, but there was very little asana/pranayama practice.

The Sivananda Ashram in Kerala is highly recommended but the price put me off. The best value are Yoga vidya dham, Vivekananda in Bangalore and Bihar School of Yoga, who all charge about a quarter of the Sivananda ashram.

I'm not sure if it is better to learn in India. There does seem to be some debate about this. I have noted however that people say generally western teachers have more knowledge of anatomy.

I have seen myself from yoga classes i have attended run by westerners have been absolutely no teaching on philosophy and very heavy on the physical aspects of asana. Of course this is only my experience and I have no doubt there are exceptions to this.

When studying Yoga in Europe, for example, it appears it will be done over 2 or 3 years, only attending the ashram for a weekend a month. Clearly this has benefits over the way it is taught in India, where classes are 1-4 months generally, so that is alot of imformation to absorb in a shorter space of time. However, being resident continually can give more of a feel of yoga sadhana and has it's own advantages.

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